Endodontics dentistry helps you enjoy a healthy, natural smile for your lifetime. These specialized dentists use advanced training, special techniques and the latest technologies to give you excellent results. Those excellent results focus on saving and maintaining your natural teeth. After all, everything begins with a great smile.

Do I Need Endodontics Dentistry?

Many people fear the dentist. This fear or nervousness lead many to put off important twice yearly visits. But when it comes to tooth pain, you need to see your dentist right away. Otherwise, you risk more significant problems, such as the potential of losing one or more of your teeth.

Endodontics dentistry focuses on helping you keep your teeth healthy, strong and in place, where they belong. Having a natural smile is important. So your endodontist enables you to keep your natural smile looking great and your teeth working as they should.

Dental team ready for your endodontics dentistry appointment

Many reasons exist for seeing an endodontist. These include tooth pain, injury or trauma to your mouth, heat or cold sensitivity, and swelling in your mouth. But you do not have to decide when to see an endodontist. Your dentist helps you understand when you may need special care.

Some dentists hold endodontics specialization. This means you visit your regular dentist who also has training for saving teeth, beyond that of dental school. When your dentist is also an endodontics specialist, all of your care happens in the same office. This makes getting the help and treatment you need more accessible when your regular dentist knows how to help save your teeth.

Are All Dentists Endodontics Dentistry Specialists?

All endodontists are dentists. But not all dentists have the training and experience to provide endodontics treatment. Endodontics involves several years’ more training beyond dental school. This training helps them know how to diagnose tooth pain. It also helps them understand how to perform root canals and other procedures inside your tooth.

Your dentist providing endodontics dentistry is a specialist in saving teeth. Whether your tooth suffers disease or trauma, an endodontist helps you keep your tooth and return it to better strength and appearance.

Endodontists perform oral surgeries and root canal treatments. They also help people with oral trauma injuries, lost teeth or other needs. When you visit this type of dental specialist, they look at your teeth with the goal of saving them. If the endodontist cannot save your tooth, he helps you decide on the best means of maintaining your smile.

Common Endodontic Treatments

A root canal is a big part of endodontic care. This therapy helps save a tooth with decay inside the tooth, usually in three or four steps. Your root canal takes place in one or more dental visits.

Another common endodontic procedure involves diagnosing and treating oral pain. Decayed, cracked, broken and knocked out teeth all make eating, swallowing and even smiling difficult. Oral pain is so intense because your mouth is home to many nerves. Through a vast network of nerves, your tooth pain can cause discomfort in your mouth, head, neck or ear.

Trauma injuries commonly affect the mouth. Your endodontist helps you or your child when an injury occurs.

A simple blow to a child’s tooth can lead to stunted root growth. For this your endodontist uses a process called apexification to stimulate bone deposits at the root, making it possible to save the tooth using a root canal. Many people feel amazed that an endodontist can even replant knocked out teeth!

Endodontics Dentistry in Pearland, Texas

In Pearland, Texas, your endodontic dental care takes place at Badr Dental. Dr. Bassam Badr and his caring team help you keep your smile strong, healthy and naturally attractive for your lifetime. Visiting your dentist twice a year is the best way to ensure you maintain your best natural smile throughout your life. This means visiting Dr. Badr when you suffer a toothache, decay, injury or tooth problems of any kind.

Dental services offered at Badr Dental include:

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