In your search for the best dentists in Pearland TX, you’ve come across Dr. Bassam Badr’s dental practice. Dr. Badr and his team know that everything starts with a great smile. Learn more about Badr Dental to understand why we’re one of the best dentists in Pearland TX.

About Badr Dental, the Best Dentists in Pearland TX

Badr Dental provides quality dentistry to people living in and around Pearland, Texas. Our dental services include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and teeth whitening. Through quality dentistry and excellent patient care, Badr Dental earned our reputation as one of the best dentists in Pearland TX.

Dental work on smiling woman at Badr Dental

Patient comfort is the top priority of everyone at Badr Dental. You receive that comfort because Dr. Badr’s staff relies on the most advanced technologies, treatments, and procedures.

But the thing people notice most is the dental team’s dedication to overall positive patient experience. Badr Dental includes dedicated individuals who love their work and show it through kindness, caring and friendliness. You’ll receive a pleasant experience every time you visit Badr Dental.

Many of the most frequently requested dental services involve cosmetic dentistry. Through power teeth whitening, full porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, you can gain the smile you always wanted. All of these improvements come with the experience and care of Badr Dental’s top quality team.

Communication is key to the best care, just as your bright, healthy and attractive smile helps you communicate throughout your life. With Badr Dental’s help, everyone in your family can feel confident every time they smile. In fact, people from all over Pearland and other Houston suburbs stand behind their choice of Badr Dental for years of healthy family smiles.

About Dr. Bassam Badr of Badr Dental

Dr. Bassam Badr started his life in Lattakia, Syria. From a very young age, he remembers dreaming of becoming a dentist. What attracted him to this career was the hands-on approach to healing people of all ages. So every time people asked him about his dreams for the future, the young child exclaimed, “I want to be a dentist!”

Dr. Badr followed his dreams through 1994 graduation as the youngest person in his class at Lattakia, Syria’s Tishreen University. He started his dental career through private practice while also training at national and military hospitals. There, he gained a wide range of exposure and clinical experience. In Syria, Dr. Badr greatly enjoyed helping people of all ages through quality dental care.

Dr. Badr achieved his other big dream when he moved to America. This satisfied his long desire to play an active role in one of the world’s leading countries for medical science and research. Being in the US also enabled Dr. Badr to expand his dental education, training, and experience. He attended Omaha, Nebraska’s Creighton University School of Dentistry and gained dental licenses in Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

You’re in Good Hands with Dr. Badr

Dr. Badr’s patients are in great hands. He maintains vast knowledge and experience in all areas of dentistry. His skills include general preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery, as well as highly requested services like dental implants and dentures.

Above all else, Dr. Badr takes to heart the care he provides for every patient. To him, this means providing the best possible dental services in line with patient treatment goals. He made his home in the United States and enjoys being one of the best dentists in Pearland TX.

Dr. Badr exudes his enthusiasm for life and dentistry. Through his love of dentistry and capabilities as one of the best dentists in Pearland TX, he ensures patients receive quality, gentle treatment. Dr. Badr also enjoys riding his bike, hunting, and fishing, like many of his neighbors.

Quality Dentistry in Pearland

Many people in this region think you must travel to Houston for the area’s best dentistry. But that is not true. Instead, you find one of the best dentists in Pearland TX right here at Badr Dental.

Services of Badr Dental include:

Your best smiles start with quality dentistry. In fact, everything starts with a great smile. Call one of the best dentists in Pearland TX now at 281-648-4000 to schedule your first visit.